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Courses at Inspire Academy are eligible for government jobs. Also eligible for embassy attestation. Our office is at Puthanathani in Malappuram district. The courses we conduct are DIPLOMA IN MONTESSORI TEACHER TRAINING COURSE, DIPLOMA IN PRE PRIMARY TEACHER TRAINING COURSE, SSLC, PLUS TWO (6 months) and FASHION DESIGNING.


As a teacher training center and hub of Montessori and PPTTC education in our region, it is our responsibility to prepare our staff and environment to provide an inclusive space where every member of the community feels welcome.

Exploring with adult learners how to dismantle biases of all kinds in the context of the Montessori and PPTTC curriculum, classroom environment, as well as any of their own personal biases, are Montessori and PPTTC principles and implementation widely with the broader community.  Increase pathways to training, leading to greater student diversity. Develop and strengthen our strategic partnerships, particularly in the public sector.    ​Build organizational capacity through strategic management, strong financial oversight, a robust development plan, and enthusiastic engagement from volunteers and alumni. Develop marketing plans to increase visibility in new communities. These goals are ambitious, but we know through long experience how essential our community's support is to the success of our strategic plan. We hope to enlist you, in whatever way you choose to contribute, in widening understanding of Montessori and PPTTC this revolutionary method of education to more of the world's children. Thank you for your support of Inspire Academy Kerala!

Why Teach Montessori?

Scope for Montessori Career Line ! I

Well, if you dream to do a highly fulfilling and rewarding job, trust us the Montessori career is the best option for you. Montessori teachers are usually creative and compassionate, patient people who are dedicated to enhancing the lives of the kids they work with and thus give richly to their societies Montessori teachers love their work. Whether embarking on your first career or looking for more inspiration in your current field, the first step to finding a job that brings you deep satisfaction is to think carefully about what really drives you. We are far more likely to be successful in an occupation we feel passionate about! When we asked Montessori teachers what they love most

About their careers here's what they said: “Montessori training isn’t just a way to land a great job in 9-months. It’s a transformative journey that deepens one’s understanding of the potential of children and their ability to transform the world.”

“Educating children in this unique way connects you to an international community of people working, typically with great humility and respect, to improve a struggling educational system.“

We all possess a unique combination of assets that we bring to everything we do; attributes such as personality, skill sets, abilities, and experiences. At Montessori Northwest, we believe those diverse, sometimes disparate, qualities often are essential to create a community of great teachers. And if applying your passion to an educational approach that helps children reach their full potential in all areas of life—cognitive, social, emotional, and physical—appeals to you, a career in as a Montessori education teacher is worth considering.

If you are thinking about becoming a Montessori teacher or are wondering which program will best prepare you for this path, then you’ve come to the right place. The DIPLOMA IN MONTESSORI TEACHER TRAINING COURSE  is respected worldwide as a representation of achievement in a teacher-training program of quality, integrity, and authenticity. Learn about our teacher training programs. New Research Highlights The Long-Term Benefits Of A Montessori Education - Montessori children turn into happy adults, suggests a new study

Why Teach Montessori?


Diversify and fully enroll Montessori diploma courses across the region and at all levels by cultivating new trainers, career pathways, and course formats. Improve access to scholarships and financial aid for students, and training to meet diverse needs.


To provide education honoring the  principles of  Montessori by offering Montessori teacher education, professional development, parent education, and community outreach for the benefit of children throughout the world.

As we look to the future, our vision is focused on one major target: bringing more Montessori to more people. Montessori All Kerala strategic planning outlines the goals we'll strive for to bring this vision to life:

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